Monday, December 22, 2008

Lepak kat Chawan, Bangsar

Zuer hang-up with my friend at Chawan located at Bangsar baru. Chawan had just opened a months ago, and Zuer were curious to try this place having seen it being used as a meeting point for cit chat with friend of mine. I like the interior -grey walls and bare stones encased in galvanised wire netting, surrounded by steel and cement structures. Situated at a corner lot, the idea of keeping the cafe open with lots of air is a great one as it appears more welcoming. So one inhales the fumes from the passing vehicles along the busy Bangsar stretch, but at least the illusion of wind is there, albeit a manufactured one.

Food is typically Malaysian fare. Zuer just try "Tahu Bakar". So delicious and tested like 'Tahu Bakar lah' hahahaha....

I should try it again...!!!

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